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M O N S A N P I E T R O – Make yourself at home

M O N S A N P I E T R O is a German-Italian design studio, specialising in architecture, interior- and furniture design.


The work of founders Britta Boland and Markus Steiner reflect their scenic approach to design. The idea of a specific situation, set in scene in a particular place is the starting point for all of their design concepts. In this way they are able to cross the boundaries of the individual disciplines and turn architecture into furniture and likewise create furniture that becomes a major component of their architecture.


To turn their holistic design approach into a tactile experience they are currently completing their first project in Le Marche, Italy.

A house that doesn’t just showcase the individual products but rather puts the emotional combination of architecture, interior- and furniture design at its core.


They soon expect to launch the brand and release its concepts to a broader public.


Both founders have successfully started and run design studios in the fields of communication-, interaction-, motion design and filmmaking and maintain their successful relationships as consultants for major brands in the fashion-, lifestyle- and automotive industry. For both designers M O N S A N P I E T R O is a project out of pure passion. Expectations are high — stay tuned for more.